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Texas Surface Water and Whooping Crane Dispute

In 2016, after years of litigation the Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority and The Aransas Project signed an agreement to work together on issues of common interest. This article published in The Water Report discusses GBRA and TAP's effort to conserve habitat for the endangered Whooping Crane and how they will attempt to secure water for the [...]

The Evolution of Surface Water Interbasin Transfer Policy in Texas

This article presents a detailed analysis of the history and development of interbasin transfer law and policy in Texas. The article follows the droughts of record and the subsequent legislation that followed, as well as exploring case studies in interbasin transfers. Read it here: interbasin_transfers

The Use of Masters in Water and Environmental Litigation

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The Little Fish That Roared: The Endangered Species Act, State Groundwater Law, and Private Property Rights Collide Over the Texas Edwards Aquifer

The Edwards Aquifer region has finally reached the point where the Aquifer is unable to provide for the needs of all those who depend upon it during dry years, from persons directly over the Aquifer, to those persons and endangered species at Comal and San Marcos Springs. Without a fundamental change in the value the region places on freshwater, [...]

Raiders of the Lost Aquifer? Or, the Beginning of the End to Fifty Years of Conflict over the Texas Edwards Aquifer

The Edwards (Balcones Fault Zone) Aquifer (Figure 1) is a major Texas groundwater formation.1 The aquifer is essentially the sole source of water for almost two million persons, including the residents of the City of San Antonio and the surrounding regions.2 Because of the aquifer’s substantial contribution to the flow of regional rivers and the unique forms of life endemic [...]